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Radio for help on

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Channel 88 (27.880 MHz) 
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9450 2468

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News & Media

  • Marine Rescue Merimbula rescues three tired boogie boarders
  • December 11, 2014

Photo: Rescued boogie boarders, Salih, Musatah and Emine Erten, safely on board Merimbula 30.

A routine training exercise in Merimbula Bay by volunteers from Marine Rescue Merimbula yesterday turned into an actual rescue for the crew of Merimbula 30, when they rescued three visiting teenagers who were at risk of being swept out to sea on the Merimbula Bar.

The crew consisting of Skipper Guy Illy, Rod Studholme, Gordon Ling and Kevin Grange noticed the teenagers with their boogie boards in the water about 100 meters off shore, outside the bar.

As the vessel approached, one of the group, who was suffering from cramps, raised her arm indicating she needed assistance.  The three, all from the same family, were having difficulty returning to shore because of exhaustion and were at risk of being swept further out to sea on a running outgoing tide.

A line was thrown to each of them in turn and they were assisted on board Merimbula 30, where they were given towels and lifejackets. They were then conveyed back to the Marine Rescue base at Spencer Park, to be met by a very grateful and relieved parent.

Skipper Guy Illy praised the efforts of his crew in recognising a potential emergency and taking the necessary steps to deal with it successfully.

Unit commander Bill Blakeman said that the trio were very lucky that Merimbula 30 was returning from a training run and happened to be in the right place at the right time, or the outcome of this incident could have been so different.

With the start of another Summer season of boating and enjoyment on other water craft, Marine Rescue NSW reminds everyone of the importance of lifejackets. Today‚Äôs lightweight, yoke style life jackets are easy to wear and an inexpensive investment in safety.  When you get on a boat, when you get afloat, put on a lifejacket.



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