In a boating emergency

Radio for help on

Channel 16 on VHF 
(distress and calling channel)

Channel 88 (27.880 MHz) 
on a 27 MHz radio

Call MRNSW on

9450 2468

Or call

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News & Media

  • Marine Rescue Jervis Bay in twilight dash to save trawler crew
  • March 17, 2015

A volunteer crew from Marine Rescue Jervis Bay has sped to the rescue of the crew of a fishing trawler in danger of sinking off the Illawarra coast tonight.

The skipper of the 17.5m trawler radioed Marine Rescue Shoalhaven with an urgent call for help at 6.33pm. The trawler, with two crew aboard, was on its way to Ulladulla to go up on the slips for repairs to its hull, which had recently been taking on water.

The skipper reported that the leak had suddenly increased and the vessel’s pumps were unable to cope with the rate at which the water was entering. He was gravely concerned that his vessel was in danger of losing the battle.

Marine Rescue Shoalhaven immediately contacted Marine Rescue Jervis Bay, which was closer to the vessel’s position.

The duty crew of Skipper Peter Kielar and crew members Graham Robins, Ross Harlen and Russell Pauley, raced to Jervis Bay 40, which is moored at HMAS Creswell. JB 40 reached the stricken vessel at 7.25pm, with the MRNSW crew activating its emergency pump and beginning the fight to bring down the water level inside the trawler.

Their efforts were successful and the water inside the hull lowered to a safe level so the skipper could make an emergency repair. He plans to overnight at the Hole in the wall, a sheltered anchorage inside Jervis Bay, before tomorrow continuing to Ulladulla, some 20nm south. He will be escorted by Jervis Bay 40 for approximately half the journey, after which the escort will be taken up by Marine Rescue Ulladulla 30.

MRNSW Regional Controller Bruce Mitchell congratulated the members of Marine Rescue Shoalhaven and Jervis Bay for their well-coordinated and executed response.

“The crew of the trawler was in serious danger of their boat sinking beneath them,” Mr Mitchell said. “They are fortunate that the skilled and professionally trained and equipped members of Marine Rescue Jervis Bay and Shoalhaven were able to come to their rescue so rapidly and effectively.”


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