In a boating emergency

Radio for help on

Channel 16 on VHF 
(distress and calling channel)

Channel 88 (27.880 MHz) 
on a 27 MHz radio

Call MRNSW on

9450 2468

Or call

MarineRescue App

The new MarineRescue App is making it easier than ever for boaters to Log On, Log Off and stay safe on NSW waters. It's the only app that will connect you directly to Marine Rescue NSW.

Boating Safety

Boat swellRecreational boating, both inshore and offshore, is one of the most popular pastimes in NSW.

By December 2011, there were more than 213,000 registered recreational vessels in NSW, along with a large number of other vessels, such as dinghies and similar small boats, that don’t need to be registered.

It has been estimated that by 2026, there will be more than 334,000 vessels in NSW.

This increasing traffic on all our waterways makes it more important than ever for safety on the water to be the highest priority for all boaters. Remember, whether you have a yacht, a powerboat or a tinnie, the skipper is responsible for the safety of the vessel and everyone on board.

Some simple safety tips to help keep you safe on the water include:

  • Ensure your vessel is seaworthy – check and fix faults before you go out
  • Check the weather Here before you leave and get regular updates
  • Make sure you have sufficient water and fuel
  • Always Log On with your nearest Marine Rescue NSW when you’re heading out – and remember to Log Off when you return so we don’t start searching for you when you’re already home, safe and dry
  • Always wear your life jacket. It can’t save your life if you don’t have it on
  • Know how to use your Marine Radio. Many MRNSW units offer public courses on radio use.
  • Keep a proper lookout at all times
  • Alcohol and water don’t mix – stay under 0.05%
  • Wear sun protection
  • Don’t overload your boat – never carry more passengers than stated on the capacity sticker
  • If crossing a bar, first view live web-cam footage at web-cam footage or seek out local knowledge from the nearest MRNSW unit
Boat capsize
All the information you need for safe boating can be found in the new NSW Road and Maritime Services Boating Handbook 2015. This is available as an electronic
download, or as a book your local NSW Road and Maritime Services Office or Marine Rescue NSW base.

More boating safety information:

  • Wear a lifejacket - it never ruined a day on the water

  • EPIRBS - Make the switch to 406

  • You're the Skipper, You're Responsible safety campaign

  • Distress beacons


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